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Book - Goodbye Friend (Pet Loss) - $30.50

For pet lovers the loss of a cherished pet can be as painful as the loss of a close family member.  In 'Goodbye Friend' the author takes you on a journey of healing offering warmth, guidance and...

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Book - Goodbye Lovable Friend - $20.00

It can be difficult to know wht to say to someone grieving the loss of their cherished cat.  Sprinkled throughout this thoughtful book are gentle acknowledgements of this painful loss. ...

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Book - Grieving The Death of a Mother - $39.50

The author of this book offers poignant reflections on the complex experience of Mother loss.  Combining tender glimpses, wise counsel, spiritual connection and permission to find your own way...

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Book - No Time to Say Goodbye - $36.00

With this book the Author brings suicide survival from the darkness into the light, speaking frankly and with compassion about the overwhelming feelings of confusion, guilt, anger and lonliness that are...

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Book - Surviving Grief - $45.00

We're never really prepared for the loss of someone we love.  Thrown into a state of emotional chaos, we may experience rage, guilt, anxiety and intense sadness.  'Surviving Grief is a...

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Book - When a Parent Dies - $47.00

A sensitive guide that offers sensible compassionate advice to those coping with the death of a parent, exploring the complex feelings adult sons and daughters experience when a parent dies, whether...

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Book - Always and Forever - $30.00

Beautifully illustrated, this wonderful and moving story explains death gently.  The author uses animal characters and talks about the death of Fox and about his friends overcoming their...

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Book - Sad Isn't Bad - $23.50

'Sad Isn't Bad' offers children of all ages (and the people who love and care for them) a comforting, realistic look at loss, loaded with positive, life affirming helps for coping with loss as a...

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Book - Someone I loved died by suicide - $38.00

A compassionate and beautifully written book that will help those who have been tragically touched by the loss of suicide.  Valuable reading for child suicide survivors.  The issue is sensitively...

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Book - Saying Goodbye to Lulu - $36.00

This beautifully illustrated heart-felt book tells the story of a young girls love for her beloved dog and her struggles to say goodbye.  We meet the endearing Lulu and learn how her young owner...

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Book - When Mum or Dad Dies - $23.50

'When Mum or Dad dies', children grieve deeply but we can show our care and love for them by encouraging them to share their feelings of sorrow and loss.  We can give them the time and space they...

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Book - When someone you love has cancer - $23.50

Few things affect a family's everyday life like the presence of an illness such as cancer and while adults have the ability to better understand the complexities of such a diagnosis, children...

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Book - When your Grandparent dies - $23.50

Losing a grandparent is often a child's first experience with grief.  The ordeal can be as bewildering as it is painful.  Explaining what happens from a child's eye-view, the little...

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Book - Condolence - $30.00

A memorial guest book should be more than just a place for guests to sign - it should celebrate the love of friends and family, and commemorate a life well-lived. The pages in this guest book feature...

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Book - Taking Time To Just Be - $34.70

A thoughtful gift to send to someone who is experiencing the loss of a loved one.A HELEN EXLEY GIFTBOOK"Taking Time To Just Be"  Is about taking time from our busy over lives to sit, to appreciate our...

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Book - This Too Will Pass - $34.70

A thoughtful gift to send to someone who is experiencing the loss of a loved one.A HELEN EXLEY GIFTBOOK"This Too Will Pass" is for all of us who have experienced real lows in life -break up of a relationship, the...

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